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Plasat în 1900, în New York, serialul original Cinemax The Knick/Knick prezintă povestea unor chirurgi străluciţi, a asistentelor şi a personalului dintr-un spital din New York, care revoluţionează medicina într-o perioadă foarte grea. Personajul central al producţiei este doctorul John Thackery, un chirurg genial cu metode noi, revoluţionare, dar dependent de cocaină. El conduce o echipă de doctori care îi include pe doctorul Everett Gallinger, protejatul său, pe tânărul doctor Bertie Chic....

In New York City in 1900, the Knickerbocker Hospital operates with innovative surgeons, nurses and staff who have to overcome medicinal limitations to prevent staggeringly high mortality rates. Dr. John Thackery (partially based on historical figure, William Stewart Halsted), the newly appointed leader of the surgery staff, battles his cocaine and opium addictions with his ambition for medical discovery and reputation among his peers. Dr. Algernon Edwards, a Harvard-educated, European-trained black surgeon (partially based on the historical Marshall Taylor), must fight for respect within the all-white-populated hospital, as well as the racially-charged city. While literally struggling to keep the lights on, the hospital attempts to attract a wealthy clientele, without sacrificing quality care...Info

The Knick
Actori:Clive Owen, Andre Holland, Juliet Rylance, Eve Hewson, Michael Angarano, Grainger Hines, Collin Meath, Eric Johnson, Cara Seymour
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